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Workshop Two: The Protostar

DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Thu, March 15, 2012 11:34AM

Today's workshop began with a re-cap of last weeks experimentations. Johnny had drafted up some scripts, inspired by the last weeks improvs, for the couple's first meeting - which we read through and discussed. We then put it on its feet.

Between workshops Shani and Johnny - who are playing the comperes - had prepared their idiosyncratic interpretations of a nebula. Both played with the use of a microphone and the relationship with the audience. Although both direct address, they were startlingly different descriptions, employing contrasting modes of communication. Whilst Shani was decisive and direct, particularly in regards to eye-contact, Johnny was cyclical and in-direct. We experimented with cutting between the two descriptions, layering them up and presenting them in parallel with the couple's first meeting (the couple's nebula).

We then had a long discussion about the protostar and what that represents for the couple. The protostar is a very early stage in the process of star formation - the "ignition" of the inner parts of the nebula. The first admission of interest? The first physical contact? Can the beginning of a relationship be pinpointed to a single act?

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