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Margate Calling

DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Mon, June 25, 2012 11:49AM

It's been an exciting month for .dash, as two of us - Eoin and I - prepare to move to Margate. Just over an hour out of London, Margate is a beautiful, historic, rough-around-the-edges beach resort. It has gained a lot of interest lately, following the opening of the Turner Contemporary art gallery. There is an burgeoning arts scene simmering away, which we can't wait to contribute to. We'll be working at the wonderfully charming Tom Thumb Theatre, a converted Victorian Coach House (complete with flock wallpaper and velvet seats) which is one of the smallest theatres in the world.

Eoin and I took a trip to Margate this weekend to see what we could see. The Tracey Emin (Margate's celebrated export) retrospective at the Turner was fantastic; her work really comes alive when seen in the flesh. We then popped into LIMBO (an experimental arts space in a converted substation) and chanced upon "Close To Darkness". Described as an "exploration of duality and polarity – ranging from the interface between lightness & darkness and positive & negative to the realm of the seen & unseen and the heard & unheard", the piece was a collaboration between Edda Jones and Russell Burden. It was an entirely immersive sensory experience that played with striking sound in near complete darkness; before beautiful glowing images emerged as one’s eyes adjusted. It was deliciously disorientating and linked in nicely with the themes we explore in "Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out". Definitely fuel for thought.

The star of the trip however, had to be the sea, pictured below. Glorious.

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