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DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Wed, October 03, 2012 12:47PM

Since moving to Margate Eoin and I have been running Club Hydropathe with Dom and Jo Bridges (a film-maker and a photographer we have met down here), a weekly night of off-beat cinema, wayward sounds and frequent surprises at the Tom Thumb. Every Monday we screen films, play music and hatch plans. From Bluegrass to Blue Velvet; New-Wave to No-Wave via a smattering of Noir.

The first Club Hydropathe took place on Monday 3rd September. Since then we have screened a variety of films - documentaries, sci-fi, experimental musicals - including an awesome night curated by the wonderful Matt Chapman, which featured a specially invented flavour of ice-cream. I kid you not. Last Monday, to celebrate our first month Birthday, we screened Eraserhead and were delighted to follow the film with a set from the incredible Emit Bloch (check him out, he’s seriously good). Before the film, in true .dash style, we acted out the lady in the radiator scene from Eraserhead (complete with foundation covered cotton wool stuck to my cheeks, Eoin’s beloved hazer and Dom playing the organ in a bin-bag). It was a lot of fun.

In other news, Eoin and I have just finished editing our short for the Cut Chorus project. We look forward to sharing it with you soon.

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