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Camera Test: Shoot, Edit And Screening

DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Fri, October 12, 2012 03:42PM

As we told you in August, we have been collaborating with Cut Chorus on their "Camera Test" project, directing a short film written by Mark Murphy.

The short, "Flames Of Passion (With Apologies To Noel Coward)", is essentially a straight to camera monologue, with a character loosely based on the leading man from "Brief Encounter". We shot the film at the end of August at Cut Chorus' studio in East London, with production company Art War Entertainment. It was a fantastic shoot, with a knowledgeable crew ... and some rather lovely kit at our disposal. We had decided we wanted to shoot the majority of the film in keeping with the striking aesthetic of "Brief Encounter"; so focused on hard, side lighting, close, evocative shots and a heightened performance from Luke Harrison, our brilliant performer.

Eoin and I opted to edit the film at home in Margate - rather than at the studio in London - and we were therefore sent a hard-drive full of footage at the beginning of September. It was a sharp learning curve for us (who knew a short film could take so long to render?), but very much a rewarding one. Taking inspiration from David Lynch’s “Eraserhead” we experimented with quick cuts and a grainy quality, to introduce an unsettling tension. With a nod to “Brief Encounter” we took the rhythm of a train to push the film – and our leading man – forwards. This was underscored by the sounds of trains mixed with Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No. 2, the soundtrack to the original film.

The film was screened last night at Marylebone Gardens, to an enthusiastic invited audience. We will be uploading the film in the next couple of weeks, to share with you. Below are a few photographs taken at the shoot, courtesy of Cut Chorus. Not quite sure why Eoin and I have our elbows so symmetrically raised in the make-up shot … any ideas?!

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