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DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Tue, January 29, 2013 08:31PM
On Sunday night Eo and I travelled to Canterbury, to perform at Pot Luck #6. The event is a itinerent scratch night, run by the lovely Accidental Collective, where works are presented Rare, Medium or Well Done.

"Ephemeroptera" was the first (bloody) scratch of a new project based on Wilde's, "The Nightingale And The Rose". We continued to explore our potential to fail in a typically shambolic nature; with Eoin (seemingly) directing the work from the tech box whilst I (seemingly) attempted to do as I was told.

We'll be posting a video soon - so I won't say too much - but it featured a bird head, distortion, Mario Land and our trusty haze machine. We were delighted with the response we recieved and have been invited to perform the 10 minute piece at a couple of different events as a result. It will be intresting testing the idea in entirely different contexts, including a club night.

Other than the invaluable audience feedback, scratch nights are brilliant in that they force you to actually just make something. Deadlines seem to be becoming increasingly important to us, forcing us out of procrastination.

We also very much enjoyed watching the work of our fellow scratchers, including our good friends Scandalmongers (storytelling at its finest). We were particularly blown away by Daniel Somerville (within 30 secs of it starting, Eo turned to me and mouthed "this is BRILLIANT!"); witty, unapologetically theatrical and striking ... Butoh via Matthew Barney.

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