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A Guest Post From Shani

DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Fri, July 26, 2013 03:53PM

Today we have a guest post from our wonderful performer / co-devisor, Shani Erez (below is a picture illustrating just how beautiful Margate seaside is):

‘I see the sea!’ is the shout that Nick has to endure from me whenever his car makes the turn into Margate’s beautiful seaside. ‘I see the sea!’ is the yelp in the morning when we wake up for a new day of rehearsals or when we break for lunch and change the scenery from the Tom Thumb Theatre to the sea. It never gets old, that sight of Margate’s sea. Though I’m pretty sure the declaration does if you are Nick.

Which surprisingly is not the reason we spent most of our last stint of rehearsals indoors. You see, every set of rehearsals we dedicate to a different element of the show, and this time we were focusing on filming the footage that will be used in Eoin’s magnificent video projections. You can only imagine how hard it was for all involved when we shot by the sea, whenever I looked around.

Following our outdoors shoot we moved back inside the theatre to create a video clip for one of the songs we are playing in the show. This basically meant that under the kind guidance of photographer Mark the song was playing on loop and we dragged in and out of frame many musical instruments and pumped up the haze machine.

Nick and Jess, as our loving couple in the play, were recreating all the instrumental and vocal parts of the song - with the highlight being Jess giving the White Stripes a run for their money in drumming coolness.

On the way back from Margate I gracefully chang

ed my tune from ‘I can see the sea!’ to humming the song we’d just been listening to for 8 hours straight. Not sure Nick was appreciative.

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