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DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Mon, April 21, 2014 08:07PM

This weekend we were delighted to curate and host the Looping The Loop launch party, (in)habit.

Perhaps we should put party in inverted commas; as although it was a lot of fun (and featured dancing) it was not your typical shin-dig.

(in)habit was a noisy, messy, shambolic evening of live art, music, installations and interventions in a huge out-of-use cinema opposite the Turner, Margate. There were .dash performance pieces, VJs, DJs and skate ramp (backed by sound responsive projections).

We hope (in)habit will become an itinerant event, moving between (the many) out of use buildings in the area – a creative, resourceful and sustainable use for buildings at risks.

Huge thank yous to the lovely folk that made it happen: Andy Barrett and his team at The Match Rooms, Rob Hart for playing live, Kat Heath and Emily Barnett for DJing, Hang 10 for lending us a skate ramp, Phil and co. for skating said ramp, Fontaines for transporting said ramp, KCC and Looping The Loop for funds and support, Emrys Plant and Tom Swift for creative live poetry sculptures, Mark Dumbrell for crystallising a tree, Rachel, Becki and Ryan for their invaluable help on the get-in/get-out, our awesome audience ... and ... especially YOU (the lovely individual we have stupidly forgotten to name-check).



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