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Lift Music

DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Thu, June 18, 2015 10:38AM

We have been continuing to prod at the borders between punk-rock and theatre, blurring boundaries and pulling shapes in the space between.

In particular we have been working with Ray Gun, a band that Jess sings in and Eo plays bass in. Theatrical elements have been creeping into Ray Gun gigs (dictaphone recordings, ball-gowns, readings from 90s Point Horrors, synchronised party poppers), so we decided to broach the relationship head-on: binding the two together and bundling them into a lift.

As part of Looping The Loop, the festival Jess co-produces, we performed a gig in the lift of Turner Contemporary. The gig lasted the duration of the lift ride (32 seconds). The gig did not start before the lift doors closed and did not continue after they had re-opened. It only existed in the liminal space between the floors. However, whilst in that space it was as raucous, as messy, as immediate as we could muster.

We were particularly taken with the small boy who took the lift five times (insisting, of course, his mum covered his ears), before declaring that we should always be in the lift. We were also delighted to hear about the experience from outside of the lift. A clattering, pulsing, hidden box moving through the building.

Exuent deemed the performance "Muzak by way of Napalm Death’s SCUM, played up close and personal". Which, I think, is exactly what we were hoping for.

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