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Hatching Plans In Seville

DiaryPosted by Jessica Jordan-Wrench Wed, November 23, 2016 03:24PM

Last week we (well, Jess. Sorry Eo and Nick) were lucky enough to run away to Seville to hatch plans and bounce around ideas with the production company Boom Shakalaka (alongside a couple of wonderful, down-right inspiring, independent producer / makers).

We stayed in the extraordinary Corral Del Rey, a meticulously restored 17th century palatial home, buried in the belly of the old quarter. Clean lines and statement features, sink-in sofas and an ice-cold plunge pool. AKA an incredible place to talk and think and talk and think (occasionally pressing the reset button with an impromptu dunk in the water).

It was a beautiful, hilarious, exhilarating trip. But most importantly, for me, it disrupted my routine. It took me out of the everyday, leaving space for chance encounters, new perspectives and unexpected trains of thought.

Of course an invitation to a glorious location is a rare treat, but .dash strive to disorientate ourselves a little whilst making all of our shows. “And Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out” started life on a train trip, “Beware! Falling Ox” was thrashed out on a long, drizzly walk, a lot of the script for Passing Phase was written in a quiet corner of Wimpy.

The few days in Seville shook up some exciting possibilities, that we hope will come to fruition in the coming months. Watch this space.

As usual, I kept a notepad at hand throughout. Reading back today, this excerpt feels the most appropriate to post:

“Groggy from last night’s heady, I walk to get lost. Gasping counter intuitive turns, filling my lungs with the consequences. I watch the town wake up. The streets are hushed, my clip-clop heels a brash reminder that I am an interloper. I should have worn flats.”

(Photo courtesy of the instigating, organising, motivating wonder, Gemma Cairney.)

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